Christmas chez Atelier Jeux d’esprit

The Atelier Tree
  I decorated this tree very soon after I took over the Atelier space, using ribbon and beads with a seashell theme that were in my stash.  Some time later I found the very beautiful angel who presides over Christmas in the shop.  I’ve never heard her sing (perhaps that happens only at midnight on Christmas Eve), but she certainly has presence.
Christmas decorations have always been part of the Atelier offering.  I really started out on this adventure with a stall at a Christmas Fair at All Saints’ Church here in Dunedin (  I discovered then that there are no limits on what you can use to make decorations:  salt dough, shells, fabric, papier mache,  cardboard and glitter—we did them all!  And I’ve been doing the same ever since.

The Christmas display

Christmas display from another angle
The Atelier tree is from an op shop.  As you can see, I have other trees now, also vintage finds, that have been decorated in a similar vein to the Atelier tree, with bows and baubles (spot the bright pink ones, and the tiny tartan tree!).   They too are small, for intimate spaces, or where you want nothing too extravagant.
Other “trees” that can be seen here are the simple wooden Danish ones, that I’ll write about again soon, and the Fantaisies de Noel, which are completely frivolous confections of tulle, jewels, bows and whatever else I have around.  Most of them are made on cardboard cones from a machine knitting company here in town, which I cannot see go to waste.


Fantaisies de Noel

Fantaisies with angels

There is such a lot to see!  Check back soon for more on the Christmas decorations and other whimsical trifles of the season at Atelier Jeux d’esprit.

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