This could happen to you … !

Recently, I needed a bag to go with an outfit.  Not an unusual problem, you might say. No indeed.  I had a whole day in hand and some fabric that would do very well.  For once though, I wanted something on a frame, rather than the softer forms of bag I’ve made in the past. So … Continue reading

Starting your stash

I don’t know about you, but whenever I wanted to make something when I was a kid, there were two places to look for what I needed:  one was the Stanley box, about which I might write another time, the other was the ragbag.  It had all sorts in it, from things only fit to … Continue reading

FLASH!! Just In, May 30

Two things:  a splendid dinner suit, three-piece, barathea shawl collar, single button jacket, waistcoat with proper pockets and, button-fly trousers.  Fantastic condition and Made for the DIC! Four pairs of leather gloves, sizes 7 1/2 and 8, perfect for the winter weather, and in very good/as new condition.  Too big for me, so you are … Continue reading