Mungo and Wee Jaikie

I have such a list of things to write about after a couple of months of not blogging!  But Mungo and Wee Jaikie have leap-frogged to the top. As you can see, Mungo is an absolutely splendid bear, large, solid and very clutchable. He was made by a local bear maker, in beautiful soft biscuit-coloured … Continue reading

Art Deco tartan: rug from Jenners

I saw the colours first, then the label, then the Royal Warrant that gives an approximate date!  The colours in the photo are pretty true, if a bit pale:  that lovely 1930s green, with slashes of brilliant orange, toned down by the gentle mid-blue and the soft yellow.  It’s a fabulous example of what tartan … Continue reading

Fuchsia whimsy

I have loved fuchsias ever since I discovered their whimsicality in my Nana’s wonderful North Taranaki garden.  Nothing like them grew in any of the gardens I had known until then.  They danced, they twirled, they flirted their bright, fluffy skirts, and I, I was in heaven!   Cicely Mary Barker  expressed these feelings for me … Continue reading

Angels and Christmas fairies

I’ve said in earlier posts just how much I enjoy making Christmas decorations.  High on the enjoyment agenda  are angels and Christmas fairies, not least because I often get to use the little kewpie dolls that used to be such an important part of A&P shows.  So many women tell me how much they wanted one, … Continue reading

This could happen to you … !

Recently, I needed a bag to go with an outfit.  Not an unusual problem, you might say. No indeed.  I had a whole day in hand and some fabric that would do very well.  For once though, I wanted something on a frame, rather than the softer forms of bag I’ve made in the past. So … Continue reading