Art Deco tartan: rug from Jenners

I saw the colours first, then the label, then the Royal Warrant that gives an approximate date!  The colours in the photo are pretty true, if a bit pale:  that lovely 1930s green, with slashes of brilliant orange, toned down by the gentle mid-blue and the soft yellow.  It’s a fabulous example of what tartan … Continue reading

Flash! just in: unusual sleeve garters

I’ve only ever seen the simple kind of sleeve garter that Grandads wore:  these are something else!  I  think that these little charmers could be used in lots of ways other than just to hold up your blouse/shirt sleeves, although they would do that in great style. I’d love to know of other sleeve garters … Continue reading

How things change!

We still aspire to the dream home, but without the courtship in many cases!                  What values are being expressed here, I wonder?  It’s hard to imagine that anyone today would work on embroidered tea towels—but maybe you know some one who does, in which case I’d love to know … Continue reading

FLASH! Just in: heavy leather gaiters

Heavy black leather gaiters in pretty good condition, a good middling size, three buckles, just the ticket for keeping rain and other cold forms of precipitation off your feet and calves.  Steam Punk take note!