Cut a dash in art deco print

All together, the heavy silk crepe I’ve used for this shawl makes for a truly fabulous accessory that will never go out of style.  The smoky mauve background is an unusual colour that will go with lots of others, while the graphic black and white print adds a formality that is quite uncommon in this kind … Continue reading

Drifting mask fabrics

Just a quick comment on these fabrics:  the silk crepe comes from a beautiful but damaged frock from the 1930s—you know the kind of thing, flared skirt, bodice gathered on to a shaped midriff panel, puffed sleeves.  It came to me in a collection of things from a grandmotherand great-grandmother here in Dunedin.  As you can … Continue reading

Some very down-to-earth linen

I bought this linen simply because it seemed very stylish, with its two-colour muted checks.  It seemed likely to be useful fabric to combine with something else. When I was researching mangle cloths recently however, I discovered that it is a pair of Grubentücher, that is, pit or miner’s towels.  As you can imagine, towels … Continue reading