In the papers!!

I am so chuffed to have been included in pieces by Rosemary McLeod for the Sunday Star Times and Julietta Jameson for the Sydney Morning Herald.  If you  haven’t read them yet, here are the links: Sunday Star Times  The Star Times list of shops to visit is not on line, unfortunately, and I have … Continue reading

Mungo and Wee Jaikie

I have such a list of things to write about after a couple of months of not blogging!  But Mungo and Wee Jaikie have leap-frogged to the top. As you can see, Mungo is an absolutely splendid bear, large, solid and very clutchable. He was made by a local bear maker, in beautiful soft biscuit-coloured … Continue reading

Vintage Roundup March 9–10

What a great way to gear up (sorry, terrible pun!) to Fashion Week!  There will be more stallholders than just those named on the poster.  gives a fuller list. Atelier Jeux d’esprit will be there on Sunday March 10 . The  shop will be open as usual on Saturday, March 9, 11:00–4pm—just a hop, step … Continue reading

Art Deco tartan: rug from Jenners

I saw the colours first, then the label, then the Royal Warrant that gives an approximate date!  The colours in the photo are pretty true, if a bit pale:  that lovely 1930s green, with slashes of brilliant orange, toned down by the gentle mid-blue and the soft yellow.  It’s a fabulous example of what tartan … Continue reading

Fuchsia whimsy

I have loved fuchsias ever since I discovered their whimsicality in my Nana’s wonderful North Taranaki garden.  Nothing like them grew in any of the gardens I had known until then.  They danced, they twirled, they flirted their bright, fluffy skirts, and I, I was in heaven!   Cicely Mary Barker  expressed these feelings for me … Continue reading

Thieves’ Alley 2013

The 2013 Thieves’ Alley Market is on next Saturday, from 10 am til 4 pm.  The Thieves’ Alley part is really Bath Street, where the (foot)traffic is often at a standstill, but the stalls are always fascinating. The rest of the market is in the Octagon, and the first blocks of Princes, Lower Stuart and … Continue reading

Photos that I remember!! Girl New Book of World Ballet.

I have carried the memory of these photos for over 40 years, from when I was a little girl at a country primary school in Southland.  They began my love of ballet, with their simplicity and directness.   I had no idea what ballet would be like on stage, and I certainly had no inkling of … Continue reading

The problem with op shops

I love op shops! The randomness of them, the memories they evoke, the people you meet there, the eternal hope of a bargain, of a never-to be-repeated treasure … But … I got very frustrated with most of the op shops (charity shops) I found while in the UK and Germany a few years ago. … Continue reading

Angels and Christmas fairies

I’ve said in earlier posts just how much I enjoy making Christmas decorations.  High on the enjoyment agenda  are angels and Christmas fairies, not least because I often get to use the little kewpie dolls that used to be such an important part of A&P shows.  So many women tell me how much they wanted one, … Continue reading

Oamaru Victorian Fete: success!!

The whole Oamaru Victorian Fete experience was just great!  I’ll be going again next year, all being well.    What was so good?  Organisation top hole, customers interested, engaging and a delight to look at in their fabulous garb, simply splendid sights amongst all the stalls, —I could go on. Pictures will say it this time, … Continue reading