The problem with op shops

I love op shops! The randomness of them, the memories they evoke, the people you meet there, the eternal hope of a bargain, of a never-to be-repeated treasure … But … I got very frustrated with most of the op shops (charity shops) I found while in the UK and Germany a few years ago. … Continue reading

A tree for Tanya

  What is Lyndall drawing attention to?  Read on!    When I first started out making whimsical trifles, Tanya Carlson very kindly let me have some offcuts from her studio to use. Such beautiful fabrics!  They were so inspiring.  As a thank you, I made her a decorated Christmas branch! What a pleasure it has been … Continue reading

Something unusual in felt.

I’ve had lots of ideas about how to use the rather sad little felted cardigan in this story, but none of them had seemed quite right. Made by Rock and Pillar as a size 12, it had shrunk to a very baby size indeed.  In its original form, it must have been a very fine … Continue reading

Starting your stash

I don’t know about you, but whenever I wanted to make something when I was a kid, there were two places to look for what I needed:  one was the Stanley box, about which I might write another time, the other was the ragbag.  It had all sorts in it, from things only fit to … Continue reading

Double charm: long silk scarf

The print on the  fabric used for the ends of this scarf is so simple but so effective!  The motif is very highly stylised, but the close repeat and the delicate colours make for a very lively impression.  The fabric itself is a lovely light crepe de chine, which flows and drapes beautifully. Fortunately, I … Continue reading

What I could do with that is …

The yellow beret of this story had been out in the rain, I would say, as it was felted beyond release or recovery, and shrunken and misshapen. I bought it because it’s a lovely colour it has a great shape, even if it doesn’t work as a beret any more I knew I could do … Continue reading

Lace gloves

What to do with a pair of lace gloves cut off at a very odd length?  Shorten them more, get rid of them?  Or search for something in the stashes that might help out?  You guessed. The flat lace and some velvet ribbon will make a wrist frill, and the ready gathered lace adds ruffles … Continue reading

Drifting mask fabrics

Just a quick comment on these fabrics:  the silk crepe comes from a beautiful but damaged frock from the 1930s—you know the kind of thing, flared skirt, bodice gathered on to a shaped midriff panel, puffed sleeves.  It came to me in a collection of things from a grandmotherand great-grandmother here in Dunedin.  As you can … Continue reading

Covered Boxes

I’ve decided to use the top of the big cabinet just inside the door of the shop as a space for more focused displays, after seeing how well the Christmas one worked.  So … for the next few weeks it will be covered in covered boxes.  As many of you who have seen my workroom … Continue reading