Mungo and Wee Jaikie

I have such a list of things to write about after a couple of months of not blogging!  But Mungo and Wee Jaikie have leap-frogged to the top. As you can see, Mungo is an absolutely splendid bear, large, solid and very clutchable. He was made by a local bear maker, in beautiful soft biscuit-coloured … Continue reading

Fuchsia whimsy

I have loved fuchsias ever since I discovered their whimsicality in my Nana’s wonderful North Taranaki garden.  Nothing like them grew in any of the gardens I had known until then.  They danced, they twirled, they flirted their bright, fluffy skirts, and I, I was in heaven!   Cicely Mary Barker  expressed these feelings for me … Continue reading

Thieves’ Alley 2013

The 2013 Thieves’ Alley Market is on next Saturday, from 10 am til 4 pm.  The Thieves’ Alley part is really Bath Street, where the (foot)traffic is often at a standstill, but the stalls are always fascinating. The rest of the market is in the Octagon, and the first blocks of Princes, Lower Stuart and … Continue reading

piles and piles of buttons

I have so many buttons.  Buttons of all sizes, shapes and kinds. What’s more, they are in containers of all sizes, shapes and kinds.  I’m a bit more cunning than the Old Woman in the Shoe though—I thought, some of them would look nice on heart-shaped brooches.  That’s given me rather more challenges than I expected. … Continue reading

A wrap, smocked, lacy, fringed and sparkly!

I promised a post on the shawl that is being worked on in the story about my wonderful beret cushion. It is now finished, but it was quite a journey.  The fabric is a fine crepe de chine, printed borderwise with a design quite reminiscent of crewel work.  There are some wonderful colours and colour combinations–each … Continue reading

Lace gloves

What to do with a pair of lace gloves cut off at a very odd length?  Shorten them more, get rid of them?  Or search for something in the stashes that might help out?  You guessed. The flat lace and some velvet ribbon will make a wrist frill, and the ready gathered lace adds ruffles … Continue reading

Baskets for Easter

Whether you hunt for eggs, or like to have a magnificent display, one of these baskets is for you. Decorating or lining baskets is a very satisfying thing to do.  Baskets are of themselves such gorgeous things, often featuring wonderful natural materials and creating inner spaces and outer shapes that call to something very deep … Continue reading

News and Stories

First up, note the link to the interview I did with Chanel O’Brien on Otago Access Radio early in December–I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to get the link set up—it was a great chance to talk to someone in depth about what the studio means to me, how it came about, and all … Continue reading

Wrapping up for the festive season 1

  What  else could this wonderful piece of silk brocade, with its references to Klimt’s emotional paintings, become but a very special wrap for special occasions.    There was a lot of fabric in the original tie!  To make the most of it, and of the fine Glen Urquhart check, I’ve added some “shadow pieces” , following … Continue reading

Et enfin, …