Time for those fabulous warm blankets again.

There is nothing quite like tucking up under a fabulous warm blanket on nights that are frosty, or wet and windy. On days when you just feel grizzly, they enclose you in an instant … Whether it’s an extravaganza of woven checks and stripes, a luxurious web of gleaming mohair, or a down-to-earth affair of cream with muted … Continue reading

Bedtime glamour.

It’s getting colder again now, here in Dunedin, but we may still have a few mild evenings as the long Indian summer fades out.  What better way to make the most of them than to find a little glamour for the boudoir.  It certainly wasn’t all flannel up to the neck, or even slinky satin … Continue reading

How to put on your stockings!

https://elenasstudio.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=517 The image in the file about comes from the insert with a pair of stockings I found recently.  I had not realised that stockings were not always the overall stretchy items (along with pantihose/tights) that we now take for granted .  Of course, tights or stockings with Lycra took things to another level:  you have … Continue reading

Mary had a little lamb

I do love this, it’s so quirky, so individual, so clearly made to bring great pleasure.  It needed a bit of patching—great practice!—and I made a new inner for it.  Now it should last for quite a few years and a lot of loving yet. The cushion is made in quite a soft white cotton, … Continue reading

Drifting away

Drifting masks—whatever are they?  They’re like a sleeping mask, but they just lie across your eyes, relaxing you with the scent of lavender and the image of the fabulous fabric that covers each one! Who has time to drift?  That is the point, exactly—we have to make the time to rest, reflect, just drift, even … Continue reading

Fading gracefully, but by no means faded away!!

The Octagon is at the heart of Dunedin, a lovely space these days, with performance spaces, lawns, cafes  and other reasons to linger. When I first moved here  it was a horrid cold wet and uncared-for emptiness that one hurried through.  Having the opportunity to make an octagonal cushion feels like a celebration of this feature … Continue reading