Tweed forever!!

Every second issue of women’s magazines in the fifties seemed to have an article about how to make an elegant handbag that would look like guineas but cost shillings.  I love that attitude to achievable everyday elegance.  The images that accompany the articles are often just as inspiring as the bag to be made. I’ve certainly … Continue reading

PS Fuchsias

Here it is in black and white, a new fuchsia piece!  The skirt of the fuchsias is embroidered nylon lace, with the top in single satin ribbon—just what the velvet bag needed!  This kind of adding and embellishing is what I intended to work on, when I started the fuchsia making at the end of last … Continue reading

Add some dash to your old …

The Otago Museum has been encouraging us to reinvent garments, bags and other accessories as part of its showing of a World of Wearable Art, till October 28 So I thought, why not, with the results that follow. First step, as always, is to check the stash.  I found several bags that could do … Continue reading

Something unusual in felt.

I’ve had lots of ideas about how to use the rather sad little felted cardigan in this story, but none of them had seemed quite right. Made by Rock and Pillar as a size 12, it had shrunk to a very baby size indeed.  In its original form, it must have been a very fine … Continue reading

A wrap, smocked, lacy, fringed and sparkly!

I promised a post on the shawl that is being worked on in the story about my wonderful beret cushion. It is now finished, but it was quite a journey.  The fabric is a fine crepe de chine, printed borderwise with a design quite reminiscent of crewel work.  There are some wonderful colours and colour combinations–each … Continue reading

Double charm: long silk scarf

The print on the  fabric used for the ends of this scarf is so simple but so effective!  The motif is very highly stylised, but the close repeat and the delicate colours make for a very lively impression.  The fabric itself is a lovely light crepe de chine, which flows and drapes beautifully. Fortunately, I … Continue reading

How to put on your stockings! The image in the file about comes from the insert with a pair of stockings I found recently.  I had not realised that stockings were not always the overall stretchy items (along with pantihose/tights) that we now take for granted .  Of course, tights or stockings with Lycra took things to another level:  you have … Continue reading

Lace gloves

What to do with a pair of lace gloves cut off at a very odd length?  Shorten them more, get rid of them?  Or search for something in the stashes that might help out?  You guessed. The flat lace and some velvet ribbon will make a wrist frill, and the ready gathered lace adds ruffles … Continue reading

Cut a dash in art deco print

All together, the heavy silk crepe I’ve used for this shawl makes for a truly fabulous accessory that will never go out of style.  The smoky mauve background is an unusual colour that will go with lots of others, while the graphic black and white print adds a formality that is quite uncommon in this kind … Continue reading

Wrap up in roses

Though I don’t often use fabrics in man-made fibres, I couldn’t resist the print on this very sheer plain weave:  such beautifully detailed roses, in really rosy colours (well yes, I am a bit of a rose fancier!).  The lace, although it is not a particularly flowery pattern, complements it well, and the centred satin … Continue reading