Find Elena’s Studio

Elena’s Studio, Atelier Jeux d’esprit  is where “Whimsical trifles in fabulous fabrics” are created. Be sure to visit her store some time…


Shop: 2nd Floor Queens Building

109 Princes St Dunedin, New Zealand

Phone: +6421 368 443


Opening hours

Wednesday–Friday 11:00–6:30pm

 Saturdays  11am – 4pm


The showroom has been changed around quite a lot over the last few months, to make better use of the space.  I now have a fabulous oak compactum to keep shirts and some smocked frocks in;  the top opens up too, so I can put out lots of tiny treasures that used to get a bit lost on more open display spaces.  The drawers make it easier for you to look at the Vintage Baby, Vintage Gentleman and White Vintage items


 The showroom looked like this for quite a while, as I added to the stock, and tried to keep the display options fresh and easy to negotiate. 

Inside Elena's Shop



One Response to “Find Elena’s Studio”
  1. Christine ogilvy says:

    so exciting Elena. You’re looking fabulous and so is then atelier. look forward to our next show and tell xx Christine

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