Mungo and Wee Jaikie

I have such a list of things to write about after a couple of months of not blogging!  But Mungo and Wee Jaikie have leap-frogged to the top.

As you can see, Mungo is an absolutely splendid bear, large, solid and very clutchable.

Mungo and Wee Jaikie

Mungo and Wee Jaikie

He was made by a local bear maker, in beautiful soft biscuit-coloured sheepskin, with a tan felt muzzle and felt-lined ears.

He let me know, once we got to the studio, that he wouldn’t mind a ribbon—a tartan one, mind—and perhaps he could also have a Scotty dog, like the ones he could see round about.  After a certain amount of discussion, we agreed on not just the dog, but a wee bag to carry him and the oats in!  So here we are, all sorted and ready to go! (Oats?  what else?  You can just see the sack poking up beside Wee Jaikie.)

Mungo does rather fancy the throw he is posing on, but I have remained firm!  You are of course free to aquire both!!

NB  Mungo means Dear One, or Dearest.  St Mungo is the patron saint of Glasgow.

Fans of John Buchan will recognise Wee Jaikie as one of the Gorbals Die-Hards introduced in John Buchan’s Huntingtower.


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