Art Deco tartan: rug from Jenners

I saw the colours first, then the label, then the Royal Warrant that gives an approximate date! 

Fabulous art deco tartan rug

Fabulous art deco tartan rug

The colours in the photo are pretty true, if a bit pale:  that lovely 1930s green, with slashes of brilliant orange, toned down by the gentle mid-blue and the soft yellow.  It’s a fabulous example of what tartan can be!!

The label:  Jenner’s refers to Edinburgh’s grandest shop—well, shop is a bit of a misnomer: to me it was like going to Liberty’s in London, treasure everywhere, and fun to visit even if you didn’t want to buy anything.  There were lots of wonderful Scottish pieces, drawing on all that fabulous heritage.

File:Edinburgh Jenners01.jpg

This photo gives some sense of the main hall, a fabulously light and open space. For more go to   (Photo from Wikipedia article.)   

See also,default,pg.html

 The label indicates that the Royal Warrant held was that of linen drapers to  the late King George V.  This dates the rug to the late 1930s (George V died in 1936).

This is just the rug, if you are planning a motoring tour of the Highlands, or the high country!


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