Photos that I remember!! Girl New Book of World Ballet.

Lynn Seymour paintpots

I have carried the memory of these photos for over 40 years, from when I was a little girl at a country primary school in Southland.  They began my love of ballet, with their simplicity and directness.   I had no idea what ballet would be like on stage, and I certainly had no inkling of the glorious music that goes with it.  But even now, these pictures conjure up layers of delight and inspiration that flow directly in to what I am making.

Nadia Nerina

Nadia Nerina













I loved the grace and elegance of the dancers.    I loved their expressiveness.

Georgina Parkinson

Georgina Parkinson

Christine Beckley

I loved their costumes. I especially loved their costumes.  The tutus, the satin shoes, the fabulous fabrics, the amazing headdresses …

It was another world, one of colour, of imagination, of delight, that went with me when I finally was able to see performances.  Even now, after I have been lucky enought to see some remarkable dancers and performances, I still can not quite believe that I am really seeing it all.  Magic!!!



From my adult point of view, I can now also recognise just what a splendid book the Girl New Ballet Book was and is.  It moves from classical ballet to dance in many parts of the world.  There are sections on what it is like to be a professional dancer, on how to notate dance, …no, you need to find a copy for yourself, and treasure it.  Although I have many others, this will always be the one closest to my heart.


Girl New Book of World Ballet

Girl New Book of World Ballet








3 Responses to “Photos that I remember!! Girl New Book of World Ballet.”
  1. Joanne says:

    I loved all these photos (usually taken by Mike Davis) during my childhood too! They inspired my love of ballet and I also found them magical! I also collected the ‘Princess Tina Ballet Books’ too (late 1960’s to the 1970’s)

  2. elenasstudio says:

    Joanne, they are magical photos, aren’t they? I have loads of other books on ballet, but none of them have images like these ones. Hope there is lots of ballet in your life, one way or another. Just going to watch DVD of Swan Lake … ELena

  3. Joanne says:

    There is certainly lots of ballet in my life as I now teach it! Love the photo of a young Lynne Seymour too!

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