Angels and Christmas fairies

I’ve said in earlier posts just how much I enjoy making Christmas decorations.  High on the enjoyment agenda  are angels and Christmas fairies, not least because I often get to use the little kewpie dolls that used to be such an important part of A&P shows.  So many women tell me how much they wanted one, … Continue reading

Oamaru Victorian Fete: success!!

The whole Oamaru Victorian Fete experience was just great!  I’ll be going again next year, all being well.    What was so good?  Organisation top hole, customers interested, engaging and a delight to look at in their fabulous garb, simply splendid sights amongst all the stalls, —I could go on. Pictures will say it this time, … Continue reading

Oamaru Victorian Fete

Just a reminder about this fabulous event, on Sunday Nov 18th. Atelier Jeux d’esprit is making its debut at the Fete this year.  I am very grateful to the organisers for finding me an indoor space for my stall—my treasures do not like windy days.  You will need to look just a bit harder for … Continue reading