Handle + Braid + Linen = Bag

I have been hoarding the braid on this bag for a long time.  It’s so vibrant and delicious, and even though there is quite a lot of it, I didn’t want to use it on just anything.

A double-sided bag, simple and convenient.

The idea for the bag comes from an old Stitchcraft magazine.  I’ve adapted it to use braid, rather than embroidering around the openings, and my bag can be removed from the handle for cleaning.  The tasselled cords can be slipped through the buttonholed loops, and then there are two domes to pop open. (The original was stitched together along under the handle.)  The bag is the same on both sides;  You get into it through the slits between the bands of braid.

Smart, simple, and fabulous, or?


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