Dance the night away in October

The Grand Gadgeteers are holding a ball to celebrate the fabulous Steam Heritage of Dunedin on October 21, at the Savoy in Princes Street. There will be a fashion promenade as part of the evening.  The Atelier has all kinds of accessories to help you finish off your outfit, whether you just want … Continue reading

Handle + Braid + Linen = Bag

I have been hoarding the braid on this bag for a long time.  It’s so vibrant and delicious, and even though there is quite a lot of it, I didn’t want to use it on just anything. The idea for the bag comes from an old Stitchcraft magazine.  I’ve adapted it to use braid, rather … Continue reading

piles and piles of buttons

I have so many buttons.  Buttons of all sizes, shapes and kinds. What’s more, they are in containers of all sizes, shapes and kinds.  I’m a bit more cunning than the Old Woman in the Shoe though—I thought, some of them would look nice on heart-shaped brooches.  That’s given me rather more challenges than I expected. … Continue reading

Flash! just in: unusual sleeve garters

I’ve only ever seen the simple kind of sleeve garter that Grandads wore:  these are something else!  I  think that these little charmers could be used in lots of ways other than just to hold up your blouse/shirt sleeves, although they would do that in great style. I’d love to know of other sleeve garters … Continue reading

Artemis in the desert.

Artemis* has been off adventuring again, this time to the desert!!   If you’ve been following her adventures at all, you will know that she is quite fond of gardens, and that she does get out at night! But the colour of this beret was all together too much for her, she was headed for the … Continue reading