How things change!

We still aspire to the dream home, but without the courtship in many cases!                  What values are being expressed here, I wonder?  It’s hard to imagine that anyone today would work on embroidered tea towels—but maybe you know some one who does, in which case I’d love to know … Continue reading

Starting your stash

I don’t know about you, but whenever I wanted to make something when I was a kid, there were two places to look for what I needed:  one was the Stanley box, about which I might write another time, the other was the ragbag.  It had all sorts in it, from things only fit to … Continue reading

Time for those fabulous warm blankets again.

There is nothing quite like tucking up under a fabulous warm blanket on nights that are frosty, or wet and windy. On days when you just feel grizzly, they enclose you in an instant … Whether it’s an extravaganza of woven checks and stripes, a luxurious web of gleaming mohair, or a down-to-earth affair of cream with muted … Continue reading