Regent 24 hour Booksale: found

Some great finds from the booksale       This is a bit like a creative journal:  beautiful pen-and-ink drawings, very descriptive, but also inspiring suggestions about how to develop patterns from other needlework sources as well as from nature, great advice on using stitches.  I’m sure this one will become a trusted friend.   … Continue reading

FLASH!! Just In, May 30

Two things:  a splendid dinner suit, three-piece, barathea shawl collar, single button jacket, waistcoat with proper pockets and, button-fly trousers.  Fantastic condition and Made for the DIC! Four pairs of leather gloves, sizes 7 1/2 and 8, perfect for the winter weather, and in very good/as new condition.  Too big for me, so you are … Continue reading

A wrap, smocked, lacy, fringed and sparkly!

I promised a post on the shawl that is being worked on in the story about my wonderful beret cushion. It is now finished, but it was quite a journey.  The fabric is a fine crepe de chine, printed borderwise with a design quite reminiscent of crewel work.  There are some wonderful colours and colour combinations–each … Continue reading

Great Dunedin Events 2: Op Shop Fabric Sale June 16

The Op Shop Fabric Sale, June 16, 11–2 pm:  I’m dreaming about it now:  The queue outside Burns Hall reaching almost to the gates onto Moray Place by the time the sale opens;  the trestle tables loaded to overflowing with all kinds of fabric, neatly bundled and ticketed, the eager buyers feverishly searching for the … Continue reading

Great Dunedin Events 1: Regent Booksale May 25–26

This Friday is the date for the latest Regent 24 hour Booksale, a truly inspired fundraising idea that has brought in thousands to keep the fabulous Regent Theatre open.  From Friday midday to Saturday midday you will spot people up and down the main streets carrying little parcels wrapped in newsprint:  these are not parcels … Continue reading

Double charm: long silk scarf

The print on the  fabric used for the ends of this scarf is so simple but so effective!  The motif is very highly stylised, but the close repeat and the delicate colours make for a very lively impression.  The fabric itself is a lovely light crepe de chine, which flows and drapes beautifully. Fortunately, I … Continue reading

Bedtime glamour.

It’s getting colder again now, here in Dunedin, but we may still have a few mild evenings as the long Indian summer fades out.  What better way to make the most of them than to find a little glamour for the boudoir.  It certainly wasn’t all flannel up to the neck, or even slinky satin … Continue reading

How to put on your stockings! The image in the file about comes from the insert with a pair of stockings I found recently.  I had not realised that stockings were not always the overall stretchy items (along with pantihose/tights) that we now take for granted .  Of course, tights or stockings with Lycra took things to another level:  you have … Continue reading

Mary had a little lamb

I do love this, it’s so quirky, so individual, so clearly made to bring great pleasure.  It needed a bit of patching—great practice!—and I made a new inner for it.  Now it should last for quite a few years and a lot of loving yet. The cushion is made in quite a soft white cotton, … Continue reading