Cut a dash in art deco print

All together, the heavy silk crepe I’ve used for this shawl makes for a truly fabulous accessory that will never go out of style.  The smoky mauve background is an unusual colour that will go with lots of others, while the graphic black and white print adds a formality that is quite uncommon in this kind … Continue reading

Wrap up in roses

Though I don’t often use fabrics in man-made fibres, I couldn’t resist the print on this very sheer plain weave:  such beautifully detailed roses, in really rosy colours (well yes, I am a bit of a rose fancier!).  The lace, although it is not a particularly flowery pattern, complements it well, and the centred satin … Continue reading

Drifting mask fabrics

Just a quick comment on these fabrics:  the silk crepe comes from a beautiful but damaged frock from the 1930s—you know the kind of thing, flared skirt, bodice gathered on to a shaped midriff panel, puffed sleeves.  It came to me in a collection of things from a grandmotherand great-grandmother here in Dunedin.  As you can … Continue reading

Drifting away

Drifting masks—whatever are they?  They’re like a sleeping mask, but they just lie across your eyes, relaxing you with the scent of lavender and the image of the fabulous fabric that covers each one! Who has time to drift?  That is the point, exactly—we have to make the time to rest, reflect, just drift, even … Continue reading

Easter here and there

Easter in Germany, not even a month after I arrived there in 1979, changed my ideas of Easter for ever.  Being invited, as a rather proper 21 year 0ld, to hunt for eggs in the flat of hosts that I really hardly knew, that was challenging.  Easter eggs in my past had simply appeared on the … Continue reading

Baskets for Easter

Whether you hunt for eggs, or like to have a magnificent display, one of these baskets is for you. Decorating or lining baskets is a very satisfying thing to do.  Baskets are of themselves such gorgeous things, often featuring wonderful natural materials and creating inner spaces and outer shapes that call to something very deep … Continue reading