A random piece of silk

In amongst the velvet frocks and other treasures that came to me from a friend who was passing on things from her mother and grandmother was a piece of twilled silk in a gloriously colourful print, that had somehow not been made up into the skirt it had clearly been intended for.

It presented a challenge, as it was not cut quite on the straight grain, and there was not much of it—but the colours were so many and so beautiful, it would be a wonderful scarf if I could figure out how to get enough length.

Making bobbles to finish off the scarf

It took quite a lot of trying around and measuring, and the insertion of some Thai silk that came to me from another friend, but here it is, a scarf just needing some beaded bobbles for a finishing touch.

The scarf is lined with some lovely reddy-pink twilled lining that is a close match to the colours in the scarf.  I’ve only stitched the lining down the long sides, not across the short ends, so it won’t get that strange baggy look with time.

The finished scarf


The finished scarf, showing the lining


All the fabrics are beautifully crisp, so the scarf sits well and will not crumple into a limp dishrag under your coat.

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