Some very down-to-earth linen

I bought this linen simply because it seemed very stylish, with its two-colour muted checks.  It seemed likely to be useful fabric to combine with something else.

Pit towels (Grubentücher)

When I was researching mangle cloths recently however, I discovered that it is a pair of Grubentücher, that is, pit or miner’s towels.  As you can imagine, towels like this would not show the dirt like white ones!  The fabric is quite supple, but rough to the hand, unlike the household linen we are more used to.  Further research shows that Grubentuch is used these days in a lot of restaurant and hotel kitchens.  It may be cotton, or linen union (Halbleinen, or métis).

I’ve decided that, since the towels are in excellent condition, they should stay as they are, and go on sale along with all the other linen towels I have.  All that needs to be done once you get them home is to separate them along the unwoven section, and you will have two towels that will give excellent service for a very long time.

More info:

Woolgatherers is a site that combines weaving in linen and wool with sales of household linen by other producers:
“Grubentuch”   6 Checked Twill Towel – “Grubentuch”  Traditional “Grubentuch” or Miner’s Towel. Woven in dark blue and light grey, this towel doesn’t show the dirt when used.

Visit for amazing linen being made now!

One Response to “Some very down-to-earth linen”
  1. They’re very fresh and pretty 🙂

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