Three little mat-maids …

 What to do with three tiny mats?  They would have been made for a dressing table, and probably, judging by the stitching, by a less experienced stitcher.  They are still delightful, and worth some trouble to give them a new life.

Three tiny embroidered mats

There is still plenty of useable fabric here


The fabric isvery fine

These are starting to feel like pockets, and since wall pockets have been on my mind, that is what I decide to follow up.  I need a backing, and something to frame the pockets—and then there is always the problem of how to hang the finished piece.

A dinner napkin is a good size


The crochet edging makes a good stitching guide.

I decide to arrange the mats across the napkin, and use it doubled:  the fit is good, and the double fabric will also make it easy to make a casing for a dowel across the top.
Finishing off the piece

Most of what I tried as additional trimming was too strong.  The selvedges of the napkin are still good, so out comes the button box:  10 linen buttons make a simple edging. The open fabric will make it easy to thread things like ribbons in behind the buttons.  A darker blue bias tape trims the base, and the final touch is the ribbon hanger with a big bouffy bow.


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