A pink rose and a place of the heart

The glorious pink rose on top of the stool in the photo (from the page “The essence of Atelier Jeux d’esprit) is a reminder to me of the day I went to visit Basia Zarzycka’s magical shop on Sloane Square in London, which has to be the home of whimsical trifles. I knew from an article … Continue reading

Fading gracefully, but by no means faded away!!

The Octagon is at the heart of Dunedin, a lovely space these days, with performance spaces, lawns, cafes  and other reasons to linger. When I first moved here  it was a horrid cold wet and uncared-for emptiness that one hurried through.  Having the opportunity to make an octagonal cushion feels like a celebration of this feature … Continue reading

A random piece of silk

In amongst the velvet frocks and other treasures that came to me from a friend who was passing on things from her mother and grandmother was a piece of twilled silk in a gloriously colourful print, that had somehow not been made up into the skirt it had clearly been intended for. It presented a … Continue reading

Some very down-to-earth linen

I bought this linen simply because it seemed very stylish, with its two-colour muted checks.  It seemed likely to be useful fabric to combine with something else. When I was researching mangle cloths recently however, I discovered that it is a pair of Grubentücher, that is, pit or miner’s towels.  As you can imagine, towels … Continue reading

Three little mat-maids …

 What to do with three tiny mats?  They would have been made for a dressing table, and probably, judging by the stitching, by a less experienced stitcher.  They are still delightful, and worth some trouble to give them a new life. Three tiny embroidered mats   These are starting to feel like pockets, and since … Continue reading