Soft old linen from a mangle cloth

While I was in Germany (Potsdam) a couple of years ago, I found several old mangle cloths at the wonderful flea markets that seemed to be everywhere.  This one is so washed and “mangled” that it is soft like really old denim—no crispness or sheen left!  It has been much treasured though, as the many … Continue reading

Care of embroidered linen

You can wash your embroidered linen: The basic principles haven’t changed in over 100 years! Gentle soap, warm (hand hot) water, squeezing rather than rubbing, thorough rinsing and rolling rather than twisting to get out excess water.  We can iron (on the back) using a steam iron! From Fancy Needlework Illustrated II, 13, p. 8 … Continue reading

In good company!!